Got questions?

Perfect, we've got answers!

How does it work?

You contact us before ordering your item, then we do our magic. You can keep your item and still get the cashback or at least partial cashback in some cases.

I contacted you, however I didn't get response yet.

We will contact you once there is progress made, spamming us may result in temporary block you on Telegram (we will unblock once there is update of your order).

Is there any minimum fee?

Our minimum fee for non PayPal stores is 35 EUR. You can even order items for 100 EUR and percentage fee for this certain store can be 15% but anyway you have to pay the minimum fee of 35 EUR. Same rule agrees to PayPal stores and, but numbers are a bit different. PayPal stores minimum fee is 75 EUR. minimum fee is 45 EUR.

Can I use my real data/information?

Obvoiusly you can.

What is fake signature and should I do it?

Fake signature is when you sign a package with a fake last name. You have to fake sign packages from some stores. For your own safety you can always fake sign the packages.

When can I use PayPal to pay for my order?

We recommend using PayPal to pay for your orders when you have it fully verified and kinda aged. Otherwise it can get banned.

Can you refund my last X orders paid via PayPal?

There is a requirement for your safety to refund PayPal orders once for approx three months. So if you already refunded a PayPal order within last three months, we do not recommend doing it again within three months period.

Should I pay for my order with PayPal?

There are certain stores that have to be paid via PayPal payment system in order to get it refunded.

What's the difference between partial and full refund?

Partial refund is when you ordered like five items and we refunded for example only three most valuable items. Full refund is when we are able to refund all of the items you ordered, so you get 100% of your invested money.

Is there a possibility to fail a refund?

There is a possibility like that but it happens rarely and most of the time, it's because you (customer) hide from us some important facts / you provide us wrong informations / do not follow our instructions. Anyway, if it happens, you can always safely just send back your item to the company and still get the cashback.

How long it takes to get my money back?

It really depends on selected store. It can take up to about a month. Stores paid via PayPal usually takes from 2 to 3 weeks.

What payment methods do you accept?

At this moment we support PayPal and cryptocurrencies payment.

Can I use my address to refund twice the same store?

We do not recommend that. We recommend using your address once for a store. However, we can give you some tips to deal with that limitation.

Can I use my payment details to refund twice the same store?

We do not recommend that. We recommend using your payment details once for a store. However, we can give you some tips to deal with that limitation.

Do your service works worldwide?

Really depends on store. You can check if store is available to get refunded for your country by clicking Stores button.

Can I throw out the box or anything else before getting the refund?

We do not recommend that. You can do it safely after we finish our refunding process.

Do you offer fixing failed refunds by other refunders?

It really depends on situation and method used by other refunders, you have to contact us first.

Any warnings?

Yes, depends on country, sometimes store can give unexpected results. Warehouses might have different policies.

Can I use my item before refund is finished?

Not recommended at all. You will be happy with your item once when we finish our refunding process.